Who We Are

We are hospital people.

When our Performance Improvement project at Emory University Hospital worked better than anyone expected, we made it a company: 1Unit.

We are a global network of nurses, doctors, and healthcare engineers. We develop tools and best practices that work on our units, and we bring it to yours.

We're Frontline Teamwork Experts.

We’re dedicated to improving the experience of giving and receiving care on hospital units. We believe care is much better when hospital professionals know how great interdisciplinary teamwork looks and sounds – and how it feels.

Everything we do has been tested and refined, so we know it actually works in the flow of clinical care.

Our Core Team

An award-winning collective

Andrew leads 1Unit, using his expertise in change management, training methodologies & facilitation to support hospitals in their pursuit of clinical operations excellence.

Molly was a Charge Nurse on the very first Accountable Care Unit and helped create SIBR rounds, to meet the care team’s needs. She brings a wealth of experience to support unit. 

Liam has been working with hospitals to create & implement our programs since 2012. With a background in human factors engineering and systems to create cohesive patient-centered care. 

Bruce leads all 1Unit activity in Australia and the Pacific, working closely with hospital leaders and frontline staff to customize our programs for their clinical & patient needs.

A History of Frontline Innovation.

Born on an Acute Med-Surg Unit
We developed our care model at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. After launching our first unit, we saw a 10% reduction in Length of Stay, 28% reduction in mortality & hospice discharges, +2.9 point increase in average patient satisfaction, +1.3 point increase in average nurse communication scores, and +4.2 point increase in average physician communication scores.
Award-winning, Evidence-based
We began traveling and teaching other hospitals. Unit after unit, our work produced strong outcomes. We’ve won several national and international awards.
A PI Project Delivery Team
We turned our Performance Improvement project into a company, 1Unit, to help other units see the same results in months, not years, and to avoid common pitfalls.
Excellence Through Practice
We’ve now helped 100s of units. Changing interdisciplinary teamwork used to be hard and risky. Our methodology delivers strong outcomes in a total package.
A Decade of Recognition

Award Winning Programs


Joint Commission Patient Safety Award

National John M. Eisenberg Award for innovation in patient safety and quality


New South Wales Health Innovation Award

Awarded to Orange Hospital for their 1Unit-supported implementation of SIBR, reducing unit mortality and LOS.


Minogue Award for Patient Safety Innovation

Northwest Hospital in Baltimore recognized by the Maryland Patient Safety Center for strong SIBR results


IHI & BMJ Patient Service Award

IHI and BMJ recognized the SIBR care model for its impact on  patient service and clinical quality & safety


CMS Innovation Portfolio

CMS recognized SIBR as a leading care model for improving clinical outcomes on hospital wards


SHM Award for Teamwork in Quality

Society of Hospital Medicine recognized the SIBR care model for patient-centered, evidence-based teamwork


System Quality Improvement Award

Awarded to Long Island Jewish Valley Stream for excellence in quality improvement with SIBR on Unit 2C


Minogue Award for Patient Safety Innovation

Maryland Patient Safety Center recognition of Adventist HealthCare for strong SIBR results

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