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High-Performance teamwork

12 Advanced Team Skills that SIBR brings to your Units


The dynamic ability to recognize and respond to complications early ...


Hardwiring evidence-based clinical practice to reduce unnecessary variation and improve predictability and quality ...

Shared Mental Models

A common understanding of the roles & responsibilities within a team ...

Common Ground

Team situational awareness where members share knowledge to coordinate interdependent tasks efficiently

High Reliability

Delivering the right care to the right patient at the right time every time


High comprehension of information exchange because listeners receive the same data elements in the same sequence every time

Diagnostic error & normalization of deviance mitigation

Mitigate tendencies to be swayed by initial impressions & discounting subtle declines in clinical indicators suggesting a misdiagnosis.


A collective competence where team members actively notice team effectiveness and interact dynamically to optimize

Situational Awareness

Perceiving data, comprehending its significance, and projecting potential future states

Cognitive Empathy

Proactively supporting colleagues when needed without having to be asked ...

Collaborative Cross-Checking

Exchanging perspectives for information accuracy

Clinical Inertia prevention

Prevent teams from failing to initiate or intensify therapy when indicated.