Yale New Haven Health

Setting: 32 bed general medical unit

Timeframe: 24 weeks, 1,308 team SIBRs

Summary: “Our implementation of SIBR significantly improved perceived IPC (interprofessional communication) and workplace efficiency, which are two important domains of healthcare quality.””

“Following SIBR implementation, perceived IPC improved significantly among residents (93.3% versus 67.9%, p < .024) and nurses (73.7% versus 36.0%, p < .008) compared to before implementation.
Moreover, residents perceived greater workplace efficiency operationalized as being paged less frequently with questions by nurses (20.0% versus 49.1%, p = .01).
0 %
increase in nurses favorably rating IPC
0 %
increase in residents favorably rating IPC
0 %
residents perceived IPC quality on the SIBR unit to be better than their previous rotation
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reduction in resident's ratings of number of pages from nurses