The Christ Hospital

Setting 1: 10 bed aged care for the elderly unit at The Christ Hospital.

Timeframe: 18 months post-SIBR implementation

Summary: Significant differences were found in each category between the SIBR staff on the ACE unit and the control staff. Interdisciplinary team rounds that take place at the bedside improve both nursing satisfaction and related communication markers of quality and safety, and may help to achieve higher nurse retention and safer patient care.

“Our study hospital achieved Magnet status in 2011, and  generally, is felt to have a healthy environment. The addition of team-based, high-{quality} SIBR on the  geriatric ACE unit demonstrated significant improvements in many variables related to positive work environments.


Job satisfaction was higher  among staff on the ACE unit  than within control units perhaps due to the higher ratings on teamwork, communication aspects of patient care, and improvements in efficiency.

Setting 2: 16 bed aged medical-surgical unit at The Christ Hospital.

Timeframe: 5 months post-SIBR implementation

Summary: SIBR rounds have led to improvements in length of stay, throughput metrics and patient satisfaction. 

New unit best practices include:
1. Communicating the discharge date and barriers on a daily basis
2. Having a set time each day for rounds
3. High-functioning team with fluid communication and accessibility
4. Including a 2PM Huddle to review discharge barriers
5. Patients are discharged that afternoon vs. the next morning

Setting 1: Aged Care for the Elderly Unit

0 %
lower Length of Stay to home vs. control
0 %
lower Length of Stay to SNF vs. control
0 %
lower 30-day readmission rate vs. control
0 %
difference in nursing job satisfaction between SIBR unit vs. control unit

Setting 2: Med-surg Telemetry Unit

0 %
reduction in Length of Stay compared with previous financial year
0 %
reduction in readmission rate compared with previous financial years
0 %
point increase in average HCAHPS score
0 %
points better discharges before noon than goal