Pasqua Hospital

Setting: 35 bed medical unit at Pasqua Hospital

Timeframe: 6 months pre- and 6 months post-ACU & SIBR implementation

Summary: Despite a statistically comparable severity of illness present between the study ACU unit and control unit, the ACU showed significant improvements across several measures: Length of Stay, 30-day readmission, mortality,  patient complaints & nursing overtime. 

“We found that the typical hospitalist patient load of 14 could be seen in SIBR on a daily basis in under an hour. Statistically significant improvements were observed in length of stay and in both staff and patient satisfaction.

Sizable reductions in all cause mortality and 30-day readmissions were observed but did not reach statistical significance.

Our 6-month pilot may have been underpowered to determine statistical significance for several metrics. “
0 %
reduction in Length of Stay
0 %
reduction in mortality vs. 35% increase in control
0 %
reduction in patient advocate complaints
0 %
improvement in staff-manager relations
0 %
reduction in nursing overtime per month