Loma Linda University Medical Center

Setting: 25 bed adult intensive care unit

Timeframe: June 21 to August 15, 2016

Summary: Data were obtained from 367 rounds. Family members were present significantly more during SIBR rounds, yet SIBR rounds were also significantly shorter. Staff surveys showed perceptions of improved communication of patient management plans, increased input from the entire team, and clarity on task assignments (p<0.05). 

“One of the highest ranked barriers {to structured bedside rounds} was a perception of increased rounding time. Our study suggests that this concern may be unfounded, and we are in agreement with others.

PCSIBR conducted in our study yielded significantly shorter rounds. Our reduction in mean rounding time was accounted for by two factors: 1) a decrease in the time for resident presentation and 2) a reduction in interruption time.”
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average reduction in rounding time per patient
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increase in family participation
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increase in nurse participation on rounds
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increase in 'Rounds done by noon'
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point increase in 'Doctors' update you'
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point increase in 'Nurses update you'