When our units struggled, we invented SIBR® Rounds and everything got better.

1Unit helps hospital units launch and sustain Sustructured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds — the Gold Standard of Inpatient Acute Care.

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Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR) on an Acute Care Medical Unit

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Skillful Implementation,
Amazing Outcomes

We’ve revolutionized how to implement and sustain interdisciplinary bedside rounds.

Month 1: Readiness
Physician & staff engagement,
unit governance
Month 2: Launch
Training, tools
and Day 1
Month 3: Sustain
Skills certification,
performance management

Our Impact On Partnering Units

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Achieve Excellence


Reduce adverse events

SIBR teams review quality-safety checklists together at the bedside every morning, preventing 1-out-of-4 harm events.


Prevent patient and family frustration

SIBR Rounds keep patients and families informed every morning, avoiding common dissatisfiers and complaints.


Protect against discharge delays

SIBR Rounds hardwire the ideal discharge huddle, giving physicians and care managers a daily moment to coordinate Transitions with the patient, family, and Bedside nurse.


Reduce excess costs every day

SIBR Rounds are efficient, Improving care While Also saving millions of dollars Each Year

What We Do

Signature Programs

Nurses First

A collection of unique tools and training to hardwire standardized communication at the change of shift.


An efficient, patient-centered 6-step communication protocol to create a shared mental model of who says what, when, and in what sequence.

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Emory University Hospital reported a 0.5 day reduction in Length of Stay (LOS) and a 28% decrease...

TCH found significant increases in staff satisfaction and reductions in LOS and 30-day readmissions, due to...

Orange Hospital found that SIBR resulted in a 29% cost of stay reduction because…

A Pediatric ICU at LLU Children’s Hospital reported length of stay down 10% and family top-box survey...